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Exceptional Kiko Breeding Stock

If you are seeking superior Kiko breeding stock, we’ve got your goat. We breed for characteristics like low maintenance and excellent health. Our herd is comprised of registered purebred & percentage Kikos as well as commercial Nubians. Learn more.....

Our closed herd is free from CAE, CL, Johne’s, TB and Brucellosis.

The goats are dam-reared and weaned naturally and without the use of chemical wormers, grain/medicated feed or supplemental injections.

Sustainability is important to us. The goats are ranged over 100 acres of lightly wooded and diverse forage using a rotation system.

We keep our herd size at a manageable level which accomplishes several goals:

  1. The goats remain healthy because they have access to a wide range of natural fodder
  2. The land remains healthy because it is not overstocked and has periods of rest in order to regenerate
  3. Parasite loads stay low because rotating the herd prevents constant worm cycle exposure
  4. We spend little time, if any, dealing with illness throughout the year - which also saves money!

***If you are thinking about adding goats to your farm, please read this short article: “The Reality of Raising Goats”





Need herd protection?

We are currently taking deposits on Purebred Maremma pups.

Litter planned for Fall 2014.

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All-Natural, Healthy Meat

Our meat goats are raised naturally and in accordance with halal on our farm. We are not a feed lot!

The goats are raised on dam’s milk and fresh forage. During the winter we supplement with a high-quality hay.

All of our goat meat is free from any kind of ‘residue’:

Goats range from 4 to 12 months of age (40 to 80 lbs) and produce a tender, delicious and  healthy meat.

We use a local USDA processing facility that offers halal slaughter, if desired.

Our goat is offered as cash & carry market kids, freezer kids cut to your custom specifications or wholesale to restaurants.

For pricing and more information on fresh goat, please click here......

Gap Mountain Goats is a small family owned farm located in the Southwestern New Hampshire town of Marlborough.

We strive to produce the highest-quality Kiko breeding stock and natural, healthy meat.