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Kiko Goats

Occasionally we offer breeding stock, commercial stock and brush goats.

Our herd is CAE/CL/TB/Brucellosis/Johne’s tested and clean.

We are fortunate that our property is predominately wooded and not pasture. This provides the goats access to fresh forage throughout the cold, winter months when pasture grasses have died down. It also provides opportunity for the goats to get fresh air and exercise at a time when many of the does are preparing for spring kidding.

Visit our sales page for available Kiko stock.

All-Natural, Healthy Meat

We are NOT a feed lot! These are NOT dairy culls!

Our market goats are dam raised on milk, fresh forage and quality hay.

All of our goat meat is free from any kind of ‘residue’:

We offer live kid, dressed kid and freezer kid to consumers right from the farm as well as wholesale dressed goat to local restaurants and institutions.

For more information and pricing on our healthy and delicious goat meat, please click here......


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